About Us

Uphill Slide is a classic rock band that has been around the Dallas and Fort Worth area since its inception in 2009. Since that time the band has been through four distinct revisions based on the individles that have come and gone over the life of the band. Each of these versions had its own unique character and sound.

The band encourages each member to bring tunes to the set list. In turn, the other members decide if a tune fits the band criteria and if it is a keeper. The goal for any tune is three fold.

  • Do people want to hear it? We want to play classic rock tunes that bring a smile to your face and maybe a bit of “Oh. . .I haven’t heard that in a long time” reaction.
  • Can you dance to it? We play a few slow tunes but we want to make people move. If we can’t get butts out of chairs then we are doing something wrong.
  • Do we like to play it? We have found that we just don’t like to play certain tunes. We figure if we are having fun then it is contagious and you will be having fun along with us.

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Uphill Slide at Maxim Honda